Your privacy is as important to us as your trust. We have summarized here for you why we need some data from you and what we use them for.


Why does insight.trips need my first and last name?


For easy identification we ask you for your first and last name. Specifically, we use your first name to be able to address you personally on our website and in emails. In addition, the first and last name is legally binding when ordering, as the order represents a contract between us and you.


You can always edit your name under "My Account".


Why does insight.trips need my e-mail address?


Your e-mail address is also your username. So you do not have to remember your username, you can log in at any time with your email address and insight.trips password. That's why we also send you a confirmation link to this e-mail address after registering: We want to make sure that you have not mistyped, and that it really is your address.


We also use the address to send you the order confirmation, invoice and shipping confirmation. So for us, it is the best way to contact you.


By the way, we only send you newsletters if you really want that. Although we definitely recommend it to you: This way you will always be up to date when we have new, interesting content for you ;)



Why does insight.trips need my address?


Of course, we will not ask you for your address until you order your personalized from us. Then we need an invoice and shipping address for the delivery. We deposit your address in your account so you do not have to type it in every order. But rest assured: You will not receive letters, flyers or advertising brochures from us! You can edit or delete your address at any time under "My Account".



Why does insight.trips use cookies?


On our website, we use cookies to enable you a user-friendly and personal visit. For example, we use cookies so that we "recognize" your browser and you do not have to log in each time. Cookies also help you to create your as they save your settings.


If you do not want to have cookies stored on your computer, you can change the settings in your browser. There you can also delete all created cookies. Please note, however, that without cookies, some features of our site may not work or may work only to a limited extent.


insight.trips uses Google Analytics. What does that mean?


We use Google Analytics to analyze various characteristics of our website such as how many users visit our website, from which pages they enter or how long users on average stay on our website. All this information helps us to further develop and improve our website. We do that to make your visit enjoyable and easier. These analytics data will remain available for 36 months until they are automatically deleted by Google Analytics.


Since your privacy is important to us, we use the function of IP anonymization. This means that the captured IP address is truncated and therefore can no longer be associated with your identity.


If you still do not want your data to be used, you can download and install the browser plug-in available at the following link:



To whom does insight.trips transmit my stored data?


We do not sell your data.


We do not pass them onto third parties. There are two exceptions that are necessary for our ongoing business:

For order fulfillment, it is necessary to provide basic data for the delivery of your to our haulage company / shipping company. Usually, this is limited to the shipping address and your name.


In order to fulfill our tax obligations, it is necessary that we present the invoices issued to you, together with the data provided to our tax advisor.

How long will my data be stored?


If you decide to delete your account, you can do so at When taking this step, we will delete your account data (E-Mail address, password, first and last name and address) from our system.


We are legally obligated to keep billing data for 7 years (see § 132 (1) BAO). Billing data which is over 7 years old will be deleted from our system. The IP anonymized website data is stored for 36 months before it is automatically deleted by Google Analytics.



How can I receive the stored data that regards me?


You have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction, data portability, revocation and opposition.We strive for the highest possible security of your data and want to use them as transparently and flexibly as possible. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us. We are sure that we can help you!


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